Monday, November 1, 2010

Homeschool Goals For November

And here it is a new month. Wow where did October go?
Ok last month I posted what I wanted to accomplish with Jakob and that was SOOO helpful, and I am happy to report that we accomplished it all. So here is what I have in mind for this month.

Science- Actually begin our study on trees focusing on identifying them, their importance in our community and ecosystem, the parts of a tree, and other activities that satisfy Scouts.
Scientists and Inventors- Jakob's dream is to be an inventor so I *had* to sign him up for the inventor's class at the Museum of Natural History in Providence. They have an afternoon class on Tuesdays for an hour and they will learn about historic inventors and their machines. In case that sparks more interest I have lined up a few other activities and Scientists to explore as well....

Alexander Grahm Bell- Make a soup can phone

Archimedes- Make an Archimedes screw

Benjamin Bannakeer- predictor of an eclipse

John Muir- naturalist, environmentalists

Mae Jemison- first African American woman in space

Reading/ Spelling- Continue to work through Progressive Phonics and use the words featured there as our spelling words

History- Native Americans-

Read Different Stories from Native Americans

Learn about Daily Life, Different Tribes, Clothing, Tools, etc.

Colonial Times-Learn about the Mayflower,

Use- Pilgrims coming to America, How they lived

Magic Tree House Thanksgiving on Thursday and Companion guide.

Geography- Continue with 50 States

Literature- We will use our other subjects as inspiration for our reading as well as continuing our read in the Guardians of Ga'Hoole series. I am on the lookout for the perfect November poem for him to memorize as well.

Art- This month I have stacked myself full of playdates with our Meetup group that I have sorely missed, so our purposeful art will be basically the crafts we make there and the kids finishing up their gifts to their grandparents.

Math- We are using books by Marylin Burns that we have gotten from the library and will continue to use them as our math inspiration as well as a few well place worksheets. I cannot tell you how much I am loving her inspiration!

Handwork- The kids will make their gifts as well has help out with Thanksgiving Dinner. Daily handwork always includes their chores such as sweeping, folding clothes, and scrubbing based on the chore of the day.

Calendar Time- More fingerplays and songs are being incorporated for Hazel's sake and we are now counting at least up to 10 in Spanish. We may go higher.

Bible- We will continue the first two weeks with the themes from a book I use and then the last two weeks we will utilize this site for Thankful lessons.

Hazel is still playing along as she sees fit. Last week I was ALMOST ready to say, "That's it girl you are getting some work." But then she wrote her a line...not all over the page. I was impressed. She has also been coloring a lot here lately another skill I was beginning to wonder if it would ever emerge. Silly mommy.

I believe that is sufficient. It looks like a lot for us as we often get sidetracked with the "thought of the day" that usually has us exploring new information and mommy scrambling for resources on subjects I never knew existed. But I like it this way. We are learning what he loves with a little "standards" thrown in for good measure.

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