Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Total Health Tuesday...What I'm doing RIGHT

So many times when one embarks upon a health or fitness journey there immediately appears a list.
A List of things you are doing wrong.
Don't eat this, don't drink that, do this workout over the other.
Obviously this is necessary to point out mistakes so that one can better themselves, but I think too often we don't stop to think of all the things we are doing right to better ourselves. Our list may begin short, but I think its important to really look back and add to it so that even when you think NOTHING is going in your favor, you can see Hey! I did THIS!!
Maybe. But sometimes you need the pep talk.
Sometimes the hill you are trying to get over right now is blocking everything else from sight until you turn around and look at the Mountains you just covered. Maybe everything you have gone through does not fit in the "normal" fitness category, but its still your accomplishment and therefore should be celebrated.

So I made a list
  1. I quit smoking
  2. I have managed to pull myself out of a deep depression following my miscarriage
  3. I taught myself to knit
  4. I have run for 4 miles without stopping (it was only once but it WAS so its an accomplishment)
  5. I have learned to cook without meat for 90% of our meals
  6. I make all our sandwich bread
  7. I constantly strive to eliminate stress.
  8. I have kept my bathroom clean for a whole month straight!
  9. I have made our laundry soap for 3 years now!
  10. I have lost 12lbs (solidly) since we moved to Rhode Island
  11. I have begun to rise before my children to meet my day.
  12. I have eliminated cereal from our budget for almost a year now.
  13. I have "moved" (worked out in some way) for 5-6 days a week since the beginning of the year.
  14. With the inspiration of Dave Ramsey and the teamwork of my husband, we have managed to live credit card free and credit card bill free for a year.
Like I said, all accomplishments may not adhere to the normal *fitness* category, but accomplishments are accomplishments and therefore should be celebrated.
Do you have things that you haven't celebrated?
Let's Celebrate together. Leave a comment or link below to your accomplishments great and small.
And just for fun here's an oldie but a goodie that will remind you to.....

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Angela said...

Sounds like living well to me :-) You go girl!!

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