Saturday, February 5, 2011

I almost did it......

I almost complained about the weather this week. As in throw a huge hissy fit because Mother Nature was not cooperating with me.
I know, how dare she right?
This is huge for me because I made it a personal goal not to whine about the snow our first year in New England.
Especially since we were the annoying ones asking where all the snow was right before Christmas.
So far the snow has not *totally* messed up any plans we had....
Until Thursday.
I had things to do. Places to go. Libraries to visit. And Dr.s to go and see.
But I also had 6 inches of ice at the end of my driveway and my road was white and super slippery.
Did I mention its our first winter in New England?
Yeah... I don't drive on ice.
I especially don't back up on ice since I'm one of those people who backing comes very unnatural to. (I admit it, when we go in reverse, everyone around is praying .... for themselves!!)
Thursday found me not going anywhere because I was certain that the roads were nasty everywhere and I would end up all over the road if I attempted it.
I was frustrated. This was not part of the plan. And worst of all the kids were not taking the news well.
I put my massive amounts of blogstalking and book ideas to good use and we made planters out of milk cartons, toilet paper tubes turned into candles that we jumped over, and our new yoga tape from the library was received very enthusiastically.

After much debate I called the Health Clinic to see what the roads were like an hour south of us and was told to come down then because there was another ice storm coming the next day which would make it nigh impossible to go anywhere.
So I loaded the kids up and set my teeth against making it out of the ice and snow.
And I'm glad I did, 3 streets over and beyond everything was completely clear!
On my drive I was able to witness all the beauty of this winter land. And the houses, (oh these houses!) that are such a lovely sight in the summer time are so quiet and picturesque with their smoke rising from the chimney and puffy snow on every roof like a blanket, and icicles hanging and glinting in the sun reminded me that there is still beauty to behold in this quiet cold time.
I realized I had not been out to see it in a while.
So the next day and the days after we have made it a point to take a walk outside to look for icicles, and snow sculptures, and in general enjoy the beauty in our neighborhood during this season.

Its hard to appreciate what the Earth is doing for us unless we go out and experience it. Even if, and perhaps especially if that means experiencing it when the "schedule" says otherwise.
I'm so glad we are here to enjoy these seasons and to be able to gratefully accept them as they change and give us their goodness.

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