Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Not so Fat Tuesday

No I didn't forget last week. I had nothing to say, and as my last week off the scales I had nothing to report either. Emotionally I have been up and down about this on again and off again weight and just felt as though if I opened my mouth absolutely nothing positive would come out so I just let the post pass me by. It's still in my box venting away and I re-read it this morning and just shook my head at my own emotional silliness.

Fingers crossed I am to receive definite info into all these hormonal issues I have been having on Thursday. That is if 3 technicians who drew 6 VIALS of blood from me last week remembered to label everything correctly and sent it off in time. They weren't having a great day so I'm not so sure that its gonna happen this week. But if it does then I should have more answers as to the what to do and what not to do's instead of bumping my head on every wall and then stepping on the scale and seeing not a whole lot of difference. I have been pouring over cookbooks like crazy learning meals from diabetic cookbooks, diabetic vegetarian cookbooks, gluten free vegetarian cookbooks, good carbs versus bad carbs, oh my head is spinning! The only thing I know for certain is how my body reacts to food. I have started paying attention. And basically if its processed at all or pre-made from the store my belly says NO WAY now you will suffer. And that's all I really know. Oh that and the fact that Stuffed Mushrooms are SUPER yummy! lol

That being said I have taken the three recipes that seem to fit guidelines that I can figure out from the 12 cookbooks I got from the Library and added them to my recipe rotation. And my body seems to be ok with that for now. I stepped back on the scales this morning and was down 8 lbs! Progress-wise its actually 3lbs because if you remember I gained 5 right before I vowed not to hop on the scales again for a couple of weeks. I am stoked about the loss and yet am very leery of excessive celebration. I feel like I have been fighting these 10lbs for ever now. I have taken the turtle mentality walking everyday for 2+ miles while I catch up on my Bible in 90 Days challenge. I was getting frustrated with my running and knew I couldn't just stop totally so the compromise is walking right now. I just know quitting is not an option, so I will do this until I can get some better answers. But YAY for 3lbs!!!


Angela said...

Double yay for 8 lbs! Screw three, that was 8, 8 is 8 is 8 woman. Miss you like crazy. And totally feel you on the whole having nothing good to say bit, lol :-) Big hugs. Running breaks are often required where treadmills (and snow) are concerned. Maybe you should take up snow shoeing. > :-) Sorry, couldn't resist. Loves!

**Nicole** said...

BIG yey for 8 lbs--I agree w/ Angela--8 is 8! :) Walking is a good thing :) I love walking

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