Monday, February 21, 2011

Fairy Tale Feasts Does it again!

Remember my porridge post? Oh we have had so much fun finding stories to read and even stories to make up just to "justify" having porridge for breakfast.
Its been loads of fun!
Lunch has been a different story. Lunch for me is the hardest part of the day. Its still an awkward transition between activities with Hazel and Jakob finishing up his written work. Most times I find myself just heating up leftovers for me and a peanut butter sandwich for the kids.
Out of pure desperation and boredom of how lame lunch had become I grabbed Fairy Tale Feasts and looked to see if they offered anything quick for lunch. (Because quick IS the requirement for lunch as Momma is usually more than ready for quiet time afterwards)
And there it was...
the Story?
The Magic Cave
the meal?
Goat Cheese Sandwiches
umm... YUM!!!
I had to tweak the recipe a little as no one who is home during the day in my house likes tomatoes or cucumbers, but cheese and bread and balsamic vinegar? What's not to love?
I had a package of buns collecting freezer burn in the icebox so they became the canvas for this masterpiece. Add in the cheese that the kids made the other week, some basil flakes and a salad and lunch suddenly became this Event!

I could barely get through the story. I was ready to EAT! And the kids loved it and even saved Daddy a slice to go with his painted cookies when he got home from work.
It was simple and quick, but it truly was heavenly.

Tonight we had "Seaweed" Stuffed Shells to go along with our story of "The Little Mermaid".
The seaweed was actually spinach, but the kids didn't care, it was too yummy to even think about it.
I'm excited to see if I can plug in any more recipes and stories before we have to turn the book back in to the Library. Tomorrow's lunch looks like maybe a little Brer Rabbit and some Carrot Soup. I'm so excited! Hope Hazel's on board too!

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