Monday, February 14, 2011


Now that the weather is breaking out of the 20's and low 30's I am slowly starting to allow the thought to enter...
Have we survived our first Winter in Rhode Island?
With the weather man boasting a warm 48 degrees here I just can't help but think its true!
(It was really windy and cold this morning though so I'm not gona put it out there as fact yet!)
The kids and I went out for a walk to see if we could spot any signs of the season to come.
No, standing on top of a ridiculously high snow pile isn't reassuring for my friends in Florida, but believe it or not the fact that the driveway behind the kids is perfectly clear is amazing!
Little runoffs
Drain systems finally back in use!

New Growth!
Yes, the light is growing clearer now, but I will only rejoice here. For Fear that Old Man Winter will teach this southern girl a lesson or two.

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