Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Because Porridge sounds more magical than oatmeal.....

Mornings are an issue here.
Each child has their signature "thing" that can try Momma's patience.
One doesn't like to get dressed, brush her hair, or eat an entire meal at the table the other likes to engross himself in endless chatter of video games, Lego creations, and antagonizing the dog.
Add in that Momma is desperately trying to keep a cheerful look on the day while combating 30 years of NOT being a morning person and it can get dicey.
I mentioned before that I had started setting up a little morning activity things like drawing, playing with playdough, or a quick card stamping fun usually gets them to the table and entertained while I make breakfast. Add in the new rule of, "You don't dress, you don't eat" and life seems to be moving in the right direction.
Until I foolishly ask, "What would you like for breakfast?"
Let's just say we rarely all agree... at the "both same time".
(That's a Hazelism for those who don't know us)

I decided to take away the "choices" and just cook, but I was still left with a scowl and a little girl who must get up in between bites to twirl in the kitchen. (and sometimes sneak off to her room to play)
Then I found this adorable book at the Library called Fairy Tale Feasts. Its basically a cookbook who's recipes compliment various Fairy Tales. And since both my kids LOVE to be read to, eating the breakfast that matches up with the story (while sitting in our chair the whole time) is totally achievable.
We have had French Toast to go with French Fairy Tales and Pancakes to compliment "The Runaway Pancake", but the one that still has the highest rating so far is...
Yes porridge is just a fancy word for oatmeal, but call it Porridge and my kids eyes light up like I am giving them free reign in Wonka's Chocolate Factory!
And although there is only one story in this anthology dedicated to Porridge I'm sure I can dig out a few others to keep the magic alive.
Here's to little houses nestled in the woods and children who eat all their

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