Friday, February 25, 2011

Perhaps a new skill or just a little too much time online

I scored some salvage material online this week. Jakob has taken an interest in sewing and we don't have much practice material around so I thought this was a very timely deal. Some of these materials are only good for practice projects but there are some that have me thinking of a certain little girl who has recently outgrown most of her dresses. So far she has requested a 2 skirts and a dress. I'm hoping that between the little sewing I learned in 4-H and Jakob's new skills (and maybe a video conference or two with Granny) we can pull off something.

Here are some ideas I am entertaining:

Oh a peasant skirt! I remember mine... and there ARE a few lovely little purple prints that would look so nice together.

And I think a "yoga skirt" to go with her "yoga" pant collection would make her day. I found this cute tutorial here. Maybe I can use some t-shirts up for this one....

Some of the pieces are not that long but are a little wide, maybe I can use this tutorial and make it work.

And I just discovered Thread Banger, it has a lot of awesome tutorials on there. I especially like this roundup of skirt tutorials.

I found this video tutorial for a dress but I'm a little afraid of the zipper... and pleats.

This is cute and I can use some shirts of mine and Mikes

I'm a little scared of my sewing machine. Nothing ever comes out the way I think it should. Hopefully this will be a simple starting point for me. If not then I'm just gonna start sewing with Jakob in his new sewing book.

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