Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not So Fat Tuesday....

Well it is confirmed... at least according to my Dr., that I have Polycycstic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).
And because every book I read and "professional" I talk to seems to have a different theory on the why's and how's of PCOS I won't even try to explain it.
I have an imbalance of sorts which causes a lot of things to happen or not happen in my body, ie: it's very difficult for me to lose weight.
Which to some seems like a poor excuse, but I am actually glad to at least have a reason. When you're heavy and you "try" to lose weight everyone just assumes you aren't doing enough. I've had trainers tell me this, I've had Dr.s tell me this, I've had family tell me this all my life.
It's rough physically but the physical has nothing on the emotional especially when you were spending 10+ hours a week in the gym.
I have decided to work with the Drs to create a treatment plan that involves both the medical aspect and the Lifestyle aspect of this issue.
They have me on meds to equal out my insulin levels and I have an appointment to meet with a dietitian to work out a food plan for me. There are different schools of thought on what diet regime actually works so I will study and do my thing until I can get in with the "Pro" and see what she has to say.
Because weight loss is and will be difficult for me for a while I don't think its really helping me to continue publicly updating whether I have lost according to the scales or not (the scales did not move this week btw).
I do want to hold myself accountable for taking control of the situation, even if its to my imaginary readers ;-)
So I was thinking I would like to turn this into a TOTAL HEALTH TUESDAY post from now on and talk about the positive things I am finding to do for my body, my mind, and general sanity!
And because the scales do play a part in my health I plan to celebrate my successes when they come and not on a weekly time line that seems to leave me on an emotional roller coaster steered by the numbers on the scale.
So if you are reading and want to play along, feel free to celebrate your successes in the comments box or link to a healthy post on your blog.
If you still want scales inspiration check out my buddy Nicole where she does her thing losing baby weight at Ramblings by Nicole
she has also found inspiration weight wise through one of her fav blogs
Me, I'm gona take this route until I can get a handle on things and feel more confident.

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