Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Weekly Wrapup.....2 in 1 issue

Ok so we did a little bit of work last week and a little bit of work this week but mainly we just enjoyed our time as a family. Daddy was off for four whole days back to back and we are leaving tomorrow for our early Christmas with my family in North Carolina.

We worked through the Button Box and pulled out my box of buttons and sorted, categorized, described and counted in different ways like by 2's, 3's, 4's and so on. I also brought out my old Wrap Ups from when I was learning my multiplication tables and Jakob was thrilled to see that he could do most of them. We will begin the formal memorization of multiplication tables in Dec as he seems ready and confident enough for the task.

He had his final Inventions class and made a couple of models out of recyclable materials. He came out with a brain scanner, a two headed snake, and a stack of papers of things he wants to invent. These were just the things he thought of in this class. His teacher was thrilled to see he already had a notebook of inventions started. This class really brought to light for him how all the pieces of machines work together. So much fun!

We read a lot about the Native Americans, our Progressive Phonics books (Hazel has her own now and is reading!), Made place mats out of paper and wove them together to demonstrate how the Native Americans made the things that they needed. We also learned that mashing deer brains into the hide is an essential part of tanning. Who knew? :-)

In Scouts Jakob learned knot tying. He is a self proclaimed professional square knot tier. lol

Most of the rest of the week we cleaned, packed, organized, and cooked. Now we are off to make our final preparations for our flight tomorrow. Have a great week!

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