Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mission- December

Mission of the Month

November's Missions were all accomplished! Family members in North Carolina have their gifts and I must say it was just as much fun to make them as to give them. Scarves, tutus, felt food, pillows, and hats were all received in good cheer.
Mission Accomplished

We will be here until Thursday so when I get back I have a shortened amount of time to get all my crafting accomplished. So Here's what I got for December. Some of this Mike will assist with but nevertheless its a mission.
Presents to make:
Jakob- pajama pants, marshmallow shooter, buy Santa
Hazel- pajama pants, Olivia Tutu, branch blocks
Mike-knit or sew slippers
Niece and Nephew presents
Florida Family Presents

Other "To Do"
Mail said presents including Grandparents
Mail Christmas Cards
Go through bedrooms and remove any broken or no longer loved toys
Have the best Family Christmas around our very own tree EVER!!!

I love lists! They make some sort of my life organized! Linking up with Mama Jen!

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