Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Confessions... Not so fat Tuesday

Man this whole not getting on the scale thing is liberating and frustrating at the same time. But I have another week and a half.

This week I have tried to keep up with my tracking of food. My "requirement" is to log 3 days a week. This way I begin to get into the habit and don't feel overwhelmed and quit (not that I have EVER done that before)

I was amazed to see how inconsistent I was with eating. One day I would eat way over my allowance and the next way under. I didn't even attempt to log Thanksgiving. I have also noticed that I am a plate cleaner. My kids plates to be specific. If they don't eat it the I do and they know I will. Case in point today Hazel brought me her half eaten biscuit cause she was full. Don't most kids just throw it away? Not mine. Give it to Mommy she will eat it. *sigh*

I discovered another cool tool this past week though. If you are using Sparks people then when you are finished logging your food it asks you if you want them to "calibrate" or break down the foods you eat. You can immediately see where you are getting most of your calories from, how much protein you are getting and things like that. They have various pie graphs with calories, fats, vitamins and minerals etc. Its really good to see how all of this rates with one another. We as a whole are a less meat eating family. This means that I generally only cook a meal with meat in it once a week. This began as purely a budget friendly move that turned into a preference. Although I cook mainly veggies I was surprised to see on the pie chart how much of my food is carbohydrates. I have since made a more conscious effort to have protein in our diet in the form of beans, dairy, soy, and of course meat. The goal is to begin to even that pie chart out and then work on lowering the amount of carbs present.

Well. That's my nugget of knowledge for the week. Workouts stalled to nill since I gave my knee a rest. Mike and I have promised one another we will run while in North Carolina next week and I have already packed my hand straps to have a go with the punching bag. Happy Not so Fat Tuesday!!

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