Monday, November 8, 2010

Handmade Holiday Idea... Enlist the Kids

We are rolling right along here making the family's gifts for Christmas.
I wanted to enlist the kids' help to make an extra special gift for My Grand-ma and their Great- Grandma.
Hand prints are an extra special memory of mine and Grandmothers. I remember my Grandma taking me to visit my Great-Grandmother's house many times. Each time we visited two things would happen. She would make Chex Mix and she would trace my hands.
My hand print would be proudly displayed on the refrigerator until the next visit when she would trace them again.
My Great- Grandmother passed when I was in High School but there are so many memories I still hold dear. I want to pass on this tradition in a special way.

And now I present you with the Hand Pillow made mostly by Jakob and Hazel.

Trace Hands onto an appropriate fabric (found this in the remnants sale)
Knot the Yarn (Very important)

Let your little dear sew the lines. It is helpful to use a yarn needle and to have something to keep your own hands busy and let them do THEIR work. ahem I chose to knit :-)

Encourage your kids to finish but gladly take over when they want you to.

Measure, Cut and Pin a back fabric right sides together
Sew. (pic by Jakob)
Turn work rightside out and stuff. Pause to laugh at your Florida dog hovering near the heater... poor puppy
Sew up hole(s) after stuffing and voila!
We are all soo excited with the way these turned out! The only thing I would do differently would be to use either smaller yarn or more "holey" fabric. I picked this idea up from a myriad of places and blogs. I think the one book that talks the most about kids embroidery is Handmade Home by Amanda Soule. She is the author of the beautiful blog Soule Mama.

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