Friday, November 19, 2010

Confessions.... Sometimes she knows more about this than I do

This week brought with it a peace of sorts. Probably a storm calmed in my own soul that allowed me to appreciate all that has been happening around me. And my children have utterly amazed me this week.

Case in point Hazel:
The week began with her earnest requests that I teach her to read.

Um ok you sure?

Yes I need to read Mommy. Learn me now please.

While most people I have talked to have been all excited for me that my not yet 4 year old is asking to read, I was terrified. I had decided a while back that I wanted her to really focus on the job of being a kid and that there was plenty of time for formal instruction. So I dropped any planning for her. She could participate or not no biggie. I just knew this would be the best for her. Of course she countered with requests for work pages and specific things for her to do (amid all the playing and having fun of course).

And then she asked me to teach her to read. I was so scared not because I have any doubts of her ability, or her readiness, but my own. I fear that I will get caught up in the process and end up teaching it out of her. Why I'm not sure but this is my fear.

So I asked her if she wanted a reading book like Jakob. She replied, "Yes Mommy, that's how I learn to read!" So I went to Progressive Phonics and looked to see what they had and printed her the first Alphabettii book. She immediately wanted to get started. So that night we read a little. She got that letters made sounds but not too much that they all make a word. I was becoming frustrated, she kept telling me to read it again. Finally we decided to go to bed.

Today she wanted to "learn from her Reading Book" again. Really? Didn't you have enough last night? In all honesty I put her off most of the morning having her help with chores and cleaning up around the house. She was happy with that but each time would say, "Now can we learn?" I felt horrible. Here my daughter was begging me to teach her how to read and I was putting her off.

So we set down, book in hand on the couch and began again. I went through the first few pages and same ole' same ole. She really wasn't getting it. I asked her if she was done (since she was playing with her "knitting") and in the calmest and wisest of tones she said, "No I need you to read it again. Read it again so I can learn. Start from the beginning."

So I did. And then she looked at me and said, "That's good! We will read it again tomorrow so I can learn. I want to go play in my room now."


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