Friday, November 12, 2010

Weekly Wrapup- Nov 8-12

My, my, the weeks are flying by!!

This week found is doing a bit of "regular work". Mainly, various worksheets and games and of course our journey through Marilyn Burn's books on math. Jakob also discovered a protractor and spent an afternoon just drawing various circles and coloring them in. He made a pretty awesome owl eye when it was all said and done.

Because it has been terribly wet and cold for most of the week we did a lot of talking about the trees instead of experiencing them. We looked through the parts of the trunk, perfected the word "photosynthesis" and inscribed in our minds what that tongue twister means. We also discussed various forms of fuel used for heat (including trees) as we happily watched the oil man come and fill our tank so that we can be warm again!

We went to two play dates this week with Hazel's playgroup and made ornaments, and painted canvases for gifts for Christmas.

Our study of the Native Americans is going a bit slow as this is a subject I decided to go through and not Jakob so there is not a ton of pre-interest to build upon. So I have begun to read the kids a few traditional poems and songs from a book we found at the library and this has definitely sparked some interest as to various tribes, their cultures, and storytelling.
On our weekly trip to the Library I showed Jakob how to read the shelf location of a book and find the subject and asked him to pick me a few books he thinks are interesting on Native Americans. I am hoping that this will broaden both of our knowledge and understanding and interest.

Tuesday's Invention Class is going well and Jakob is really enjoying the various models he
is building and the things he is learning to do. Only downside is Momma doesn't get to see.

Thursday and Friday Daddy was home so we really did the minimal as far as book work goes, visited an Herbal Pharmacy and experienced our very first Hockey Game. All in all the week has been wonderful.

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