Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Confessions... Not so Fat Tuesday (aka I'm terrified)

Alright this week I hopped on the scale and YAY 2lbs gone!! I'm sure that has been negated by now with the Chinese *Hubby* HAD to have but that's what the scale said this morning so there! :-) That brings my total weight loss to 7lbs. Yipee!!

So why am I terrified? One word WINTER! This will be our first New England winter and I am scared stiff. I suffer pretty severely from winter blues also known as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). This is where when it gets cold I become a hermit and never leave the house, bed, my pjs. The irritability and mood swings reach an all time high. It's not pretty. And not very conducive for a fitness and health regime either. The bad part about it is you don't really realize it until Spring when its warm again and you suddenly are in a better mood. You think I'm joking. Go Google it.

So to try and stay on track with my fitness and more importantly being a decent mom to my kids through the winter I have been doing a little research.
Medically I can go to the Doctors and take medication, but I would rather use that as a last resort (me and meds are not good friends).
So my other option is to take things into my own hands and fight for my right for a good mood during this chilly time.
After a few searches I have come up with a plan. Basically your body needs Omega 3-fatty acids, Vitamin D, and all the Vitamin B's. This can be accomplished by 3 or more servings of fish a week, leafy green vegetables and fresh fruit. I have also begun to take these vitamins in pill form so as to offset any transition or lacking in an area. I chose to do this because we are in a season change here and honestly other than pumpkin I have no clue as to whats in season. Our CSA share was only a summer share so now I have to find a new market. Hopefully I can get all of that sorted out soon.
I also have purposefully scheduled more things for us to do which will force me to leave the house. Go ahead laugh, but I already have made Jakob take the recycling out for me because I just couldn't stand the cold, that's not really a biggie but its just the beginning. Even a few moments of fresh air will lighten the mood. Mike is looking into at least one broad spectrum light for the kitchen to stimulate vitamin D.
I will put my years of dabbling with essential oils to good use and make sure I have uplifting and invigorating scents to wear and clean with. All this will help me I know it.

Fitness wise I have decided to push myself. Angela told me a couple of weeks ago that I could increase my distance by 10% each week. I laughed at her. I am going to increase it 10% every two weeks though. My days are beginning to seem better the days I run so I want to push it to my potential. I also am playing with the idea of running on the weekends. I know pick your jaw off the floor Angela and Katie. (Sorry they know me too well)

And of course the best medicine is a SMILE!!

So that's the plan, the success, and the confession. I'm linking up with Nicole this week

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**Nicole** said...

Go you and keep up the great work and beat those chilly blues!

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