Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Confessions... Focus (Not so Fat Tuesday a Day late)

Ok I didn't write this post yesterday. Honestly I wasn't going to write it at all. I was so angry and frustrated with myself

I gained 3lbs.

And I'm not even going to try to make excuses. I KNOW EXACTLY why I gained the weight. Bloomin' Onion, Snacks, Pumpkin Cream cheese Dip, and a Smore's Cake Dessert. Oh and don't forget the Family Deluxe Pizza that is suppose to feed 6 which fed our family of 4.
Hubby was home so we ATE.

My problem is I give up after one stumble. When I snacked too much at a night out I figured, "What the Hay? I will just have some ginger snaps and dip with the kids, they are making it look soo good." Which turned into, "I'm too tired and behind in my work to cook let's order out." which led to, "Let's just go out to eat after church that way I can make something for dinner."


Anyways that's how I felt all day yesterday when I jumped on the scales. Which led to more poor choices. But today is a new day. At the suggestion of my friend Angela (did you ever think you would have so much advice Ang? lol) I will not be weighing myself for the rest of the month. Actually I will not weigh myself again until I come back from my trip to North Carolina the first week in Dec. Although this makes me nervous not having evidence of success or failure I think the focus on the failure is too much right now. I was happier celebrating my fitness achievements than my weight.

For instance. Did you know that I have run 68 miles since October 1st? I ran 2.7 miles TODAY! In 33.3 minutes!! And finished it up with some yoga.
Also almost every pair of jeans I have clearly shows in the legs and the butt that there is a bit missing. Most pants I have to hold up. Which is a total shocker for me, the spokeswoman for "Baby Got Back" (hehehe)

I know I need to keep track of my food intake so I am going to spend this time really educating myself on the whole Calorie and Serving subject. I think that information and its implication is tangible enough for me to be satisfied.
I may not lose a tremendous amount of weight but I think I will create a firm foundation and without the pressure of the scales each week. I need to not be under anymore pressure right now.

Or I could be totally off base. In the end I will have learned something which is awesome either way.

And because I am a total nerd here is what I am giddy about right now... :-)


**Nicole** said...

Oh I hear ya...I let myself go just a little...and then everything else gets thrown out as well. It's a vicious cycle! I think your plan sounds good and keep up the good work--you're doing great!

Angela said...

celebrate those fitness goals my dear :-)

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