Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hazel's D week

This week I started working with Hazel a bit more with the Calendar. Since we are moving and I haven't quite worked out how I want to do "Calendar Time I figured we would just start with this...

It's a Calendar that I picked up from Michael's for 25 cents! Each Month the child can create and color a new picture. We just started with a simple naming the month, the day, and finding the number on the calendar of the date. I used some stickers to work on patterns and we made a pattern on the week. Apparently this worked because she decided to make another pattern at the top of the calendar
Then we moved onto "Dd" is for Dinosaur. We read "Ten Terrible Dinosaurs" and "Dinosaur Roar". Following the theme we made our craft from Totally Tots. This week was a "D" dinosaur craft, which Hazel apparently thought that her Dino needed to always look straight up.

Then she stamped her Dd's with Dinosaur feet! Had I known how exciting it was to play with her brother's Dinosaurs I would have brought them out months ago!

The Stamps didn't come out too clear, but she still had fun.

Here is her signature after it was all done.... Pretty good huh?
I thought I would capitalize on the writing by showing her how to write her D's and well yeah not so well received. I pretty much held her hand the entire time. I 'm in no way worried since my main focus at this point is to convey the letter sounds and intro the lowercase letters.

We did some more cutting. I had another sheet that I had made of slanted lines but somehow didn't get a picture of it for variety.
Since I have more foam stickers than anyone should be allowed, I used them to make these tracer exercises. Hazel seemed to like them but wasn't a fan of continuing until the end of the page, she kept wanting to stop and start. Perhaps this will come with time.

And there you have it, the letter "Dd" in all it's glory. Next we are on to "Ee" and can I just say how thrilled I am that our E week comes right before Easter?!?!?! Yeah I know total Dork.

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