Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hazel's C week

This week was a hodge podge of different things. We only actually sat down formally one day because I was teaching her class for St. Patrick's day and I was trying to get all of that together.

We read Clumsy Crab and made our clumsy crab C. We pretended our hands were claws and we snip, snip, snipped the air. This lead to our cutting exercise...

I have so many supplies I hated to go out and buy a cutting book. So I made my own cutting page by putting foamie stickers on one end and drew the line for her to cut. I was surprised that it was such a hit!

We "C"ounted pom poms on a page. One through Five. When we both we sufficiently frustrated with them rolling all over the paper, I gave her "C"ircle stickers to count and place.

I printed off Hazel a Cc page for her to decorate with a tiny C stamp and some more Circle Stickers and let her have at it.

After going through our education room in preparation for our Yard Sale and Move, I found that I have a slight workbook buying problem. ;-) So we decided to do a couple of pages. I think we will do 1-2 a day if she feels up to it.
Of course we had to go to the Zoo and see a big Cat! Not really in the plan, but it worked out cool as we practiced the "Cuh Cuh Cat" For the sound of C.

For St. Patrick's Day I totally left the house without my camera, but so that I can have a place to come back to and remember the cool stuff we did.

Traced and decorated out names on green paper,
Looked at the globe to see where Ireland was in relationship to Florida (pretended to fly and swim to get there)
Looked at some pictures Hazel's Aunt and Uncle sent her to show off about Ireland
Talked about the clover and its significance to St. Patrick's Day
Made rainbow clovers out of coffee filters (ended up one big mess)
Clover rubbings
Counting with out Lucky Charms
Made Lucky Larry Leprechaun Pudding ( and found out that instant pudding isn't so instant in the world of a 3yr old)
Read Stories and patterned our chocolate gold
Center time had a counting green stones, books on Ireland, and a sensory bucket full of split peas and white beans.

Man! I am tired after all of that! This coming week will be short as well since Jakob is out of school early each day for testing and I have practicum hours to perform before the hubby ships off again. have a great week!

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mother plus teacher said...

It sounds like a greatly enriched learning week!

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