Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Transfer Season

As a military wife I know that wherever we are is home and that locations change but the heart stays the same.

All of that sounds nice and peaceful, until you are given two hours to decide the next four years of your life. Yeah that's right, we are moving. Where? When? Not really sure. The locations have been narrowed down to 3 and we are looking at Tennessee, Rhode Island, and Virginia. Although this is welcomed news, I have been a little stressed about having to comply with different state laws concerning homeschooling. I am 99% sure that this will be a permanent decision for us through middle school, but here in Florida we have it pretty easy. I was looking up different laws and stuff and some of the hoops are a little "different". Like did you know that you have to produce an up to date vaccine card in order to homeschool in Tennessee? This wouldn't affect Jakob as much since he is current, but we are taking a bit more delayed approach with Hazel because of some questionable issues that have occurred with Jakob.

All in all I am thrilled with the choices that we have. They could have been A LOT worse. And each location has it's own educational value. I have however spent the past two days researching different curriculum since some of those states require it. Oh the Joys. Like I said that's one of the really cool things about Florida is that their homeschool laws are pretty open. this is really appealing to someone like me who is A. starting out int he homeschool world, and B. doesn't really do well with a whole lot of restrictive rules to follow. Yeah I'm my mother's child, a rebel to the core! :-P Anyways! We are all excited here and can't wait to find out the news! I will post my "decisions" on next year's curriculum after we know a location. In the meantime if anyone has a math curriculum that really speaks to them, feel free to share the info! That is the only area I am terrified of!


mother plus teacher said...

I hear you. We do not vaccinate at all, so we will definitely never move to Tennessee. :P
Good luck with the move!

The Fambros said...

Yeah I just didn't understand the logic behind vaccinations for homeschoolers. Hopefully we will find out something soon.

**Nicole** said...

I hear ya!!! Wyoming is super duper lenient about homeschooling which was wonderful for my mom. It struck me as crazy that I would have to start looking into those laws as Amber will be in school by the time we leave Boston (crazy thought!!!) and my friend's mom was saying that they are a lot stricter about homeschooling. Sigh! Some states just like to try to make life difficult for homeschoolers I think! Good luck to you :D (and I'm still hoping you get RI so you can come take a field trip up to Boston and we can visit the Children's Museum together!!!!

The Fambros said...

I hope that we get RI too! That or VA cause it looks like the laws there are do able. Still have hoops to jump through, but that's anywhere I think. It would be nice to move somewhere and already know someone ;-)

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