Monday, March 1, 2010

Being a Coastie Wife....This Week!!

A fellow CW and net buddy of mine has an awesome blog where she does reviews and giveaways and such. She also reviews various books and posts her thoughts on them. This last post of hers really got me thinking, and I am sure I am WAY more emotional about this right now than I should be but the Hubby is underway and I miss him.

The subject of her post was finding your life in his. I will be the first to say that I made very bold claims when I was younger that I would never date or marry a "military man". Just the thought made me shudder. Not because I didn't respect those that serve but because I was selfish and did not want to share my spouse with a government that I may or may not agree with at the time. Of course God looked down on me and patted me on the head and sent me Mike. Oh I put up a fight at first, trying not to get attached.....declaring I was NOT moving anywhere....putting limitations on where and when he could transfer (HA HA!).... to finally being able to tell my husband with all the sincerity in the world that we will follow him wherever he goes and love every minute of it because we are a family.

Its amazing how much I have grown and matured since becoming a wife, an how much more I still have to go. I mean I'm the older one so I should have all my stuff together right? I was a single mom for 4 years and accomplished many personal goals. All of that pales now to the life we now live. I never thought I could be happy living away from family. Although I miss them dearly I can see now that we would have never been able to "find OUR niche" had we listened to my all knowing demands.

I LOVE being a stay at home mom. I LOVE being able to fulfill that need in our family. I may not LIKE the events of the day or the attitudes it may bring, and yes there are times where I really wish we lived somewhere else, ANYWHERE else but where and when we are cease to matter when we are all together experiencing life, growing in love, and striving everyday to be a strong core family.

Thank you Nicole for your post. I really needed to put these thoughts into words. Maybe now when I am having one of THOSE days I can look back and appreciate how wonderful this life truly is.

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**Nicole** said...

Awwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks *so* much for this post Allison!!! I just wanted to let you know that you have always been an encouragement to me. Every time we talked about the military, or that you've written about it, you've been nothing but positive. Pointing out all the benefits and the adventures of living in a new place, making the most of your time in Miami and helping me find the Meetup group here. I had no idea that you actually had the same struggles with the concept as I did!! So I not only appreciate how positive you've been, in spite of all that, but also that you're willing to admit that you're not all smiles and giggles about it! :) Thank YOU! :)

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