Monday, April 19, 2010

E- week

We have been working hard on getting rid of the excess in our house and finalizing plans for the great trek to the north country so we have been a bit hit or miss with the structure. Here is the last week we had that was "planned".

Picking Flowers

Blowing Bubbles

Workbook pages, she loves doing her "homework". Too silly

For the letter Ee we crushed egg shells (lots o fun)

glued them onto a capitol and lowercase E (we did this together since I apparently drew them too large)

then to make them stand out she painted them with watercolors

The finished masterpiece

Because I am an over achiever and saved too many eggshells we just painted the rest with watercolors

Daddy joined in on the fun. (Isn't he cute!)
We read lots of books but they have all since gone back to the library. I believe most of them came from the Totally Tots website with a few Easter books thrown in for good measure.

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