Friday, March 12, 2010

Hazel School- Bb week

This week we focused on the letter "Bb". We read "We're Going on a Bear Hunt", and Hazel loved doing the hand motions along with me. Sometimes though she just likes to sit back and enjoy the show and watch mommy be silly. :-)

We finger painted B's with Blue paint. I was hoping this would translate into a writing something, but the only letter she seemed interested in actually writing this week was her H's. Notice the top right corner of her paper.

These were the books we read on the first day we did Bb stuff....
I had originally planned for her to continue building her letters and writing her Bb's like last week but she was not inclined to comply. So while Dinosaur Train was on I threw together a tray of blue goodies for her to create with. I used cut up cereal boxes for her canvas because they are sturdy, cheap, and available!

My favorite was watching her paint the bubble wrap and stamp it.
We made a Bee inspired by Jolanthe over at Totally Tots.

Thursday we had some little friends come over so their mommy could get some stuff accomplished at the office. We read Blueberries for Sal. I remember this book as a child and loved rediscovering it again with the kids. It was a bit long but I read it to them over lunch so that helped to keep them entertained a bit.

Since most kids who come to my house expect a craft I threw this one together after lunch. I took a panel of a cereal box, a wad of newspaper and some green finger paint and let the kids have at it to make their bushes.
Afterwords I gave them each a little puddle of blue finger paint and they used their fingers to make blueberries on their bushes.... for "B"!! :-)

I didn't make up any new trays this week since I was bowled over with out transfer news and spent WAY too much time researching and stressing over that. I am working on incorporating other formal things in our week other than letters, but am having difficulties with what I WANT and what SHE NEEDS. Like I had said in a previous post, I don't want to "educate the joy out of learning" for my kids, so I will give her little bits at a time and see if shes ready.
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**Nicole** said...

Love that you're doing this blog and love the cereal boxes idea!!!! Totally stealing that :D

The Fambros said...

Thanks girlie! Cereal boxes make soo many cool things!

mother plus teacher said...

Thanks for sharing, I love recycling things. I use food boxes for a lot of things also.

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