Monday, December 27, 2010

Things were different this year.... A Reflection on Christmas

The Christmas Holiday was very different for the Fambro Family this year. For one, we were altogether and in our own home for the first time since we became "The Fambros". With traveling completed at the first of the month it gave us a bit of time to relax and breathe and just enjoy the time. Most importantly I was engaged this year. I lost last Christmas. I was in my own fog of despair and loneliness from my miscarriage and literally cannot remember any part of the Holiday. That saddens me to think I missed such a special time with my family but I respect myself enough to know I had to go through what I had to go through to get better.

This year was much better! As we had a slew of firsts (snows for the kiddos, real tree that we cut down, a completely made by me Christmas dinner, etc) we truly enjoyed the moments we could share. As Christmas approached I was very excited to give my children the gifts that Mike and I had made for them. We chose each gift for its meaningfulness and simplicity as we have begun to embrace these ideals for our family daily life. The volume of "stuff" was not nearly as immense as in past years, but truly no one noticed. Each person received something special to them and was able to give something special to another. That is all that mattered. I must say that I feel the most blessed this year as I learned the true joy that comes from making meaningful gifts by hand. I almost felt like I was cheating because the peace that came from each thought and time I put into gifts meant more than I could ever express to its recipient.

Christmas Eve brought its own newness as we were not partaking in the "usual schedule". We instead prepared dinner as a family and then spent the rest of the evening reading the Birth Story of Christ and singing all of our favorite Christmas Hymns. There was even a small production as I sang Drummer Boy and the kids "drummed" their parts for Mike. It was all so peaceful, touching, and real. And I was there, really there. I don't think I can really express how much that means to me.

I pray that these celebrations always stay new and meaningful. And here's a peek into what all of it looked like for us.

The Fun....

House Building

Angel Making

Gift designing

The Gifts...

Quiet Book for Nephew

Wreath for Our Guardian

Bag for Niece- inspired by this tutorial

An attempt at slippers

To hold treasures

For Jakob (Complete with a bag of Marshmallows)

Pajama Pants (from pillow cases)

Lab Coat- inspired by this tutorial

Santa's Lot
Two other gifts not pictured were handmade woodblocks inspired by this tutorial and peppermint lip balm inspired by this post.
I also knitted a bunch of gifts for my family but did not get any pictures of them before I wrapped them and gave them away. Oh well they enjoy them.

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