Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Confessions... Not So fat Tuesday

Ok so I totally skipped last week, since we were in NC with family. The day after we got back was my self imposed weigh in day. I was nervous. More than nervous I was sick. I ate like a pig on vacation and even ate some pig. (North Carolina Bar-B-Que is the best anywhere I couldn't pass it up.) I didn't log a single calorie with Sparks People. I just stopped.

Well I started back about 2 days before we left when I remembered this little app on my Ipod I had downloaded and forgotten about for months. Its called Lose It. It tracks your calories, weight, and adjusts for the calories you burn while exercising. (yeah, didn't do any of that either) Why this app is easier for me than a pen and paper I have no clue but it is. I logged the last two days of the trip and have been logging ever since. Wow the difference it has made in my awareness. I just wish it gave me that little pie graph that Sparks People does. I like graphs. Or maybe its just the ones that look like pie. Whatever.

Anyways I reluctantly got on the scale Friday and was shocked to see I had lost 3lbs! the same three pounds I gained before! YAY!! Just for good measure I weighed myself again today and I have lost another pound! YAY for keeping myself in check!

I'm not going to get on the scale again until New Years. I have enough to handle between now and then I don't need that annoying white box in my bathroom ruining my focus. I will continue to run (4x a week) and log my calories at least 3 days a week. I will shoot for 7 but the minimum is three. I think these are reasonable goals as we head into a Holiday noted for lots of yummies.

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**Nicole** said...

Great job on losing the 3 lbs!!! :)

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