Monday, December 20, 2010

Week In Review- Dec 13-17

This was the week that would never stop!! We returned from North Carolina and literally hit the ground running. This is the first time that I have been able to even sit down and update!

Ok so looking back at the subject goals for the month I realized I over estimated how much we could actually get accomplished. Especially since a whole week was taken off the month to visit family, and homeschool kids (and parents) get the before Christmas ADD too! But we were able to accomplish a bit.

Math- working on multiplication tables 1-4,5, and 10. Measuring ingredients for various goodies made this week.

Reading/ Spelling- Progressive Phonics

Language Arts-Here I was really excited about my ideas for Christmas LA, but we are not having the time or the concentration level to work on that right now, so mainly we are reading various Christmasy stories, poems, and finishing up some writing requirements for Boy Scouts.

Science- Weather was on the list for the month but again we have had no formal work here. We are ALL very (im)patiently waiting for a good snow storm so most talk of weather has revolved about the fluffiness of clouds, what snow is made of, freezing points, and general checking of the "weatherbug" for updates on the possible arrival of the white stuff.
I also decided that I would begin to pull out one of the many science kits that we have laying around and we would just do the experiments. I really need to use these up and they are so fun, somehow I just forget about them. :-/

Bible- This is the one area we have definitely not been slack in. Taking some activities from Hubbards Cupboard. I chose the ones we could feasibly get to between now and Christmas and we have added them to end of our Calendar time.
(Our Christmas activity chain-we take a link each day)

When visiting in North Carolina, I was able to obtain a couple of song hymnals and we have spent most of the week singing the Christmas Hymns. This has by far been my favorite part of the week. I love Christmas Hymns, they just take me back to my childhood and I want to share that with my kids. Since we have not really found a church here, I was really happy our hometown minister allowed us the old copies of hymnals. It has been funny this week though to try and sing some of these songs for the kids as I don't read music and my voice is less than stellar at times. But hey its, "Make a joyful NOISE unto the Lord" right? Never said it had to be pretty ;-)

(using Crayola window markers to decorate the name Jesus)

Using cotton balls and finger prints to add to our nativity scene

Handwork- The kids have been helping me this week with the makings in the kitchen from bread to cookies to chestnuts, we have all had our hands busy. We also took a bit of time to make some popcorn and cranberry garland to round out our tree.

All of that in between the massive amounts of crafting, trips to the post office, and various Christmas events have kept us on our toes for the week. Now that most of that is done hopefully we can spend the week in a more relaxed studious fashion (hahaha) before Christmas.

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SmallWorld at Home said...

What a great idea to get out the hymnals for Christmas music! We used to do that when I was a kid but I'd forgotten about that.

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