Friday, September 10, 2010

Weekly Wrapup Aug 30-Sept 3

This week we desperately tried to stay on "schedule", but just as our previous homeschooling semester had proved we are leaning a bit away from the lesson plans I have worked so hard on and more towards what the kids are showing me that they want to do and learn. This week showed me that I truly do need to allow this to happen more often.
Using the magnifying glass to help each other with an I Spy book. Jakob read, and Hazel would find (mostly). Daddy even got in on the fun!
We are reading "The Boxcar Children" and this week's discussion led us to how the children made beds out of pine needles. So we went outside to see how comfy that might be.
We filled a pillowcase with leaves that are ALREADY falling in our yard.

Jakob claimed the pillow was comfy and great for scratching your back (I'm not sure that would be my definition of comfy).
Hazel just like posing for the pictures and then talking to the people walking up and down our street.

We continued talking about Egypt and how hot it was there and so they would make cool dishes to eat. We made an "Egyptian Day Salad", which was mostly cucumbers and yogurt and decided that we will pass on any future "Day Salad" adventures.
We checked on the Mummy....
Hazel was the "hands on" person this week. I thought I had totally lost Jakob as he wasn't right there at the "mummy" but then I turned around an saw this....
He was recording all the information as Hazel and I were discussing it. This is HUGE as this child resists writing of any kind (other than his Sonic movie script) and more often than not the death nail to any activity would be for me to ask him to write something down. So.. YAY!!

My favorite part of the week was this.....
I taught Jakob how to play GNU this week and he REALLY liked it. Since this is a spelling game I figured this would be a one on one game for he and I, but here he has found a way to include his sister.
He brainstormed first some of the words they should try to make and wrote them on the board for Hazel to see and a reminder to him as to what letters to look for. Wonderful!

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