Friday, September 10, 2010

Confessions... I'm fat!

No, seriously!

Sometimes being a mom and a wife (I won't even limit this to military) and a full time student and an occasional basket-case causes you to forget to take care of something...
I have been on a weight rollercoaster now for about 5 years. I have never really "liked" my body per se' but the past 5 years have been harsh.
I really do love to work out... with certain conditions. It has to be the same time everyday and totally uninterrupted and NO RUNNING EVER!!!
I'm sure you can easily spot where my hangups are.
My friend in S Florida has been running for oh about 2 years now that I know of and she looks great. I will be totally honest here and say I have rolled my eyes many of times at how she claims that running is her sanity. I mean seriously? Have you ever seen a runner smile while running? Ever?
I love you Ang I truly do :-)
A strange twist of fate had us purchasing a treadmill before we left, I gave it a go a couple of times but really this was for Mike. He HAS to run for his PT tests, so this would help him be at home for his workouts instead of leaving me home with the kids for two more hours (cause you know when the guys go workout its never quick)
So.. here we are in Rhode Island my tail is ever widening and I am NOT happy about it. So reluctantly VERY reluctantly I hop on the treadmill and give it a go. Ok there I did it. My knee hurts, are you happy? I'm a bit of an all or nothing type of person.
Then I went to the library and as I was trying to find a knitting book I stumbled across a self help meditation book. (Turns out I was in the wrong section....or was I)
I can't remember the name of the book nor did I read the entire thing, but one part really stuck out to me. It said to ask yourself everyday...
"What am I going to do today to better myself and my health?"
and then at the end of the day,
"What did I do today to better myself and my health?"

You know what? I ran 10 miles this week! 2 miles everyday at different times of the day with my kids sitting right there. I didn't finish in great times, right now I'm averaging a 15 1/2 min mile but I'm doing it. You see I'm running to Boston, and once I run those 38 miles on the treadmill it takes to get to Boston, then I get to treat myself to a little train ride SANS KIDS. Just me and my knitting and a day of walking around. Sweet huh? I thought so. Mike thought it was a good idea too but couldn't help but jibe me a little with,
"So you just felt like running?" In his best Gump voice ever.
LOL So yeah I just felt like running and here's a special little video I found in tribute to my new found sanity. Please enjoy....


**Nicole** said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're so alike :) I also *hate* running and totally don't get people who do like it!!! Good for you though and I think running to Boston is a great idea ;) also if my beautiful kiddos can manage to stay OUT of the hospital for more than a week I'll be starting a link up called "Not So Fat Tuesday" on my blog this coming week about my losing the baby weight journey and encouraging others to come along and share their weight loss journeys as well--looks like you have your first post already! :D I'd love it if you join!!

Angela said...

You go girl :-) Just wait, you'll love it eventually. Love ya, miss ya, keep at it. You are gonna enjoy that train ride!!!!! Wait, have I mentioned yet I miss you??? :-)

**Nicole** said...

Yey! Thanks for joining me ;)

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