Thursday, September 16, 2010

Weekly Wrapup - Sept 6-10

This week's Bible lessons focused on various stories throughout the Bible where God made and kept his promises. Of Course we spent a lot of time on Noah.
We sang "Who built the ark?" A LOT.
We listened to Jungle Jam and Friends "Nermal and the Ark"
We floated around the kitchen.

But the favorite activity of the day was when I broke out the watercolors and the paper to paint a rainbow. And only gave them primary colors. Ooooh! Aaaah!
You can ROYGBIV your kids all day long but nothing compares to them being able to create the effects on their own. It was beautiful! Jakob has since requested that we paint with the watercolors on a more regular basis.

I must say though that working with watercolors did come with its own frustrations. Neither the kids or I had ever worked with then on watercolor paper before and Jakob grew increasingly agitated that the color didn't stay where he wanted it to but chose to run and bleed together. Patience was not our virtue that day. And although he wasn't totally pleased with his work I think they are beautiful. (his are the top 2)
Afterwards the kids went outside to experiment some more with mixing colors.

And then came inside to experiment with the recycling bins :)

We had a birthday party to attend this weekend and I have been trying to focus on hand (and heart) made gifts for everyone for budgeting purposes and to learn the value of doing your very best. Since our birthday friend is very much in to Pirates we decided to make him a special shirt using a batik process. (for tutorial go here)

We watered down the paint and sprayed it for our special effects.

Of course since this was so much fun Jakob made one for himself to wear as well.

Apparently this looked like loads of fun because a Praying Mantis decided to chill at our window for a while (following 3 pictures taken by Jakob)

This was a little window art that we did just for fun... and mom's sanity. *grin*


I have not been formally doing much with Hazel at this point. Her cubbies seem to be more of a distraction to myself and Jakob than an entertaining aspect while I work with him. I have some ideas in the works to help that along but haven't put them in place yet. Right now we are just clinging to what does actually work and trying to be open to personal interests in the meantime.

She did however choose 2 of her Tot Books that we had completed a few months ago. I found them at this site.

Lots of exploring going on and tons of "boring" formal stuff as well. We are still reading The Box Car Children, and our Reading program of choice is Progressive Phonics.
We went to the zoo but again I have no photos. My friend Keli is the photographer and I am the nerd who reads all the signs. Together we make a pretty good team but doesn't help me out much when I'm blogging. Maybe I can get her to teach me a thing or two.

Well that's our week in a very small nutshell. Off for more adventure!!

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