Sunday, August 29, 2010

First week

The rest of the week was fun for all of us. We are trying to get figured out what works and what doesn't. I am trying not to test out every homeschooling schedule known to man and stick with just one thing. I joke quite often that I am just like a fish and can be so easily distracted by anything. And with homeschooling my kids its the same thing. There are such wonderful subjects and activities out there its hard to choose and stay on track. But we will try. This week this is what we chose to do:

A little Penny polishing... this was suppose to be just for Hazel but Jakob thought it was cool and joined in for a few cents.

I taped pennies in Hazel's journal and she used her crayons to rub out the shape. Apparently Circles were going to be our shape for the week. She loved it and helped me tape the pennies, a double treat.

She wanted me to take a picture of her writing like her brother... H is still her letter of choice

We started our ministudy on Egypt and the Pyramids. After reading a couple of books from the Library I printed off some lapbooking stuff from Homeschoolshare and we talked about how the Egyptians believed in many Gods and magic and how the Nile flowed North instead of South. Jakob thought that was very cool which lead to some discussions on gravity and how the world spins etc.

The winner of the day was this:

Its a stamping book with hieroglyphics. Both kids loved making secret messages and then have me try to decode them. This was Jakob's

It says, "Love the Lord in your hart". Yes hart not heart. *grin* Took me about 15 minutes to decode because the glyphs not only mean letters but sounds. Super fun.

For science we mummified a hot dog. The kids had a blast and we hammed it up as this was in the afternoon and we were all kinda sleepy.

Spreading the "mummy dust"

Measuring the before length
Recording info
The Mummy
The VERY dramatic closing of the tomb ceremony....

And some spells and stories to help the mummy on his journey to the underworld
We also went to the Boston Museum of Science this week for their free Friday. Since we were taking some friends along and we hadn't cleaned the car out since (shamefully) the move, we worked on that and Jakob decided the car needed a good wash down. Hey, its handwork right? ;-)

Unfortunately I don't have any really good pictures of us at the Museum. It was packed and I was trying to focus on the kids. But they had a ball. This week I am going to try and focus on staying home a bit since our week was cut short with swim lessons, and our trip to Boston. I hope to move into more of a rhythm soon.

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**Nicole** said...

Looks like lots of fun! Was the museum of science pretty cool? I can't wait to go there with Amber :)

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