Friday, September 17, 2010

Confessions... I'm addicted to fast food

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That's right if it has a drive thru I'm there!
I have even been known to plan my errands around mealtimes and "having" to snag a snack because, well you can't go grocery shopping hungry right?

I have such a weak willpower when it comes to drive thru's and my daughter knows it too. She will pull out her best and loudest whine because she knows I will cave. I'm a sucker I know it. Go ahead and give me my stamp now....
SuCkEr Pictures, Images and Photos
LOL now that's better. Anyways the point is that with my "I'm fat" Confession I have to do more than just run.
Which I logged another 10 miles this week! Go Me!!
That's 24 miles total I have so far which puts me a mere 14 miles away from Boston.
This week my friend Ang in Florida, (you know the one that LIKES to run?) laid down a challenge for me. We are both going to abstain from fast food until October 1 (she says with exceptions to "healthy" choices... I just need to abstain period).
That means all meals must be planned ahead or you just go hungry until you get home!
And this week when we went apple picking, that's just what we did
Hazel of course pointed out every drive thru on our 32 minute drive and repeated, "I'm HUUUNGARRYYY" about a billion times, but we made it.
Why the sudden willpower? The prize!
Ang adores Linkin' Park and is awarding herself the new album that comes out October 1. And since I always have issues rewarding myself with little things she has promised me a copy of all her favorite running songs!! It's the little things I tell ya!
Now I have no idea how much weight I'm gonna lose if any but by golly I want new music!!
So take THAT Big Mac!
And just for fun here's a face to go with the name! ;)
I know I look like a giant next to her. I'm tall she's short so go figure! lol

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Angela said...

You are funny. Love the sucker stamp. Point of clarification, the album is already out (darn it all, I want it BADDDDD!)--but not much point in having a new album when I am going to paradise for a week now is there?? :-) Just tell H fast food doesn't make her grow big and strong, THAT of course is what worked for G. "Like Jakob" of course!! Miss you L-O-A-D-S!!!!! Almost to Boston baby, GO YOU!!!! <3

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