Monday, February 25, 2013

I feel all grown now.

So being a military wife means we move..
a lot.
Fortunately that means I get the opportunity to meet some pretty awesome people.
Unfortunately that means I also have to leave those people when we transfer.
For the past 7 years all of our traveling has revolved around family.  Which is all I figured traveling meant in this life.
But over the past few years I have sat by while fellow military wives have had friends come to visit them, and they in turn fly out for weekends ALONE to visit as well.
I must admit I have been a little jealous.
Don't get me wrong I LOVE when my family comes to visit, but when you spend so much time rebuilding support systems everywhere you go, its nice to actually have connections beyond one duty station to another.  It also seems very "grown" to jet set to see a buddy.
Well my friend  Angela and I have bemoaned for 3 years that we missed each other, but it seemed the only way we would actually get to see each other would be for us to be re-stationed in Miami.
I told her about my latest running endeavor (The Fort Adams 10 Miler), and we fantasized about how awesome it would be if she could come up. 
But just like every military wife randomly searches rentals in locations they would LIKE to be stationed at, Angela tortures herself by looking up flights to see me.
Only this time the prices weren't so ridiculous....
Next thing I know I'm getting a picture text with a flight itinerary to me!!!!
Angela is coming HERE!  To run my biggest race yet!!
To say I am on cloud nine is the understatement of the century.
Angela has been running just about as long as I have known her, and has totally been an inspiration for me to get off my duff and do... something.
Plus she's the only person who would let me box her in my back yard to blow off steam.
Gotta love friends who will let you hit them ;)

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