Friday, February 22, 2013

Chasing the light.

"Babe, can you watch the kids for a minute?"
"Yeah, why?"
"I HAVE to go catch that light!"
He shakes his head at me and smiles as I hastily throw on a coat, sneakers, and grab the camera.
Running out in the snow I realize only too late that I have forgotten my gloves... no matter that sun is going down fast and these colors wont last long.
The snow is giving this momma a little gift.  Through storm and gale and loss of power, the cabin fever and doldrums of the same four walls the sun finally emerges.  And as it sets across the chilly blanket of the ground, hues of purples and blues, pinks and oranges emerge and dance around.
I have to try and capture it.

I run like my life depends on it to the waves to try and catch the sun before it slips below the edge of trees across the bay.
The wind is howling through me as I inch out on the railroad bridge certain that I am going to fall trying to hold on to these colors.

I stomp back home triumphant.  At least as triumphant as I can be with such little knowledge of my "fancy camera".

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Angela said...

Beautiful! Look up "Chasing the Sun" on youtube. Fun song, I run to a remix of it. So you!

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