Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I took a little jog...

Just as I found out I was with child in 2011, my neighbors were a buzz with the crazy idea to enter a race to run this....
That's the Pell Bridge.  The race was 4.1 miles with one mile going up hill on the bridge
They wanted me to do it.  I wanted to be able to walk 10 steps without looking for the nearest ladies room.
While the reality of running the race with my friends was not to be, I did promise them after I had the baby I would run it. 
They would have already transferred, but it would be my way of keeping them close.
And I did.
14weeks after birthing.
I had every intention of training for the race, but some very pressing life happened beforehand which consumed all of my time.
To say I had race nerves that morning was the understatement of the year.
I just prayed I would make it.
Then I saw this....
That sunrise was one of the most beautiful and cleansing sights I had allowed myself to see for weeks. 
Words nor this simple camera phone shot could ever do it justice.
I was on a running high for hours.... until my body told me exactly what it thought about me running 4.1 miles with absolutely no training.
Ouch, but a glorious ouch!
This year I want more, I want to experience more soul cleansing as I make my way across the miles.  Yes I will run the bridge again, but that is later in the year.  right now my sights are set here.....
That's the setting for a 10 mile run.
10 MILES!!!
And its going to take me through some of the most beautiful scenery ever!!
And the coolest part is the finish line is smack in the middle of the Fort!!
I LOVE it!!!
Training started this week and I am actively recruiting more people to train with and run the race with me that morning.
So if your feelin' froggy...
Register and come take a stroll with me :)

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