Sunday, May 5, 2013

I did it!!

So last Saturday I got up nerves all a tingle and tidied the house, looked at the clock, paced, looked at the clock some more, and FINALLY it was time.  I was going to pick Angela up from the airport!!  We were really going to see each other, we were REALLY going to run 10 MILES!!  

She hopped off the plane and it was immediate tears!  Gahh!! I missed that girl!!
24 hours before we had agreed very last minute to volunteer for bib pickup at the Fort so away we went!  Falling right back into all our conovs like we had never been apart for 3 years!  It was great!!
Ang began to really worry about halfway through bib pickup that she was going to freeze to death as the wind picked up and whipped us for the 4 hours we stood handing out bibs.
It was all worth it though.
We thawed.  
I got a green shirt.  
That night I was a basket of nerves trying to get my things together and worrying about my little Princess who has officially adopted the "I'll sleep when I'm dead" mantra.  She's why I had not trained in 2 weeks.
Could I do this? Were we going to keep Angela up all night?
And then I melted the shirt Ang made for us to support Boston.
In all honesty I wanted to cry.
Sleep was evasive as usual, but I pulled myself out of bed on time, and readied.
We hit the pre race yoga session which was awesome as I didn't struggle nearly as bad as I thought I would through the venyasas 
Once at the starting line I saw so many people I knew and really began to get excited... and emotional.
Hey no sleep for 8 weeks will do that to a woman.
Yeah I cried.
Moment of Silence for Boston...
Tears streaming...
Then the gun.
We were off.  The view was spectacular, the route much harder than I anticipated, and people were passing me like crazy.
Then at around mile 2 there was a couple just standing on the side of the road high clapping and cheering for every runner that passed.  
There were people there to cheer us on.
I knew then I could do it.
I may not be with the people I knew but there were people high fiving me and telling me what an awesome job I was doing.
That gave me the drive to keep going.
Right up until mile 6.
I was done, my running app had frozen, my feet were screaming and people were STILL passing me!
Then I saw a little dude from the Boston Marathon again cheering me on and right past him on the left was 
Amy, my friend and fellow runner.
Her sister was running too but had already passed and she was waiting to cheer me on.
I bawled the whole way past her!!
It really was what kept me going.
I made it to the mile 8 water station and there was food... bananas.
I could see them from way off.
I hate bananas.
Funny though my body seemed to move of its own accord and I took the banana ate it and didn't die.
It really wasn't bad.
3/4 of a mile away from the finish Ang came back for me.

Angela after she finished photo courtesy of my hubs <3 p="">

She prepped me that the finish line was a little different than we had thought, that my family was there and I was totally going to smoke my goal.
Did I mention my feet were crying?  
Another Running/Homeschool/Military friend Jen hollered as we went by.
Next thing I know she was running with us to get me to the finish.
Now this is the girl who told me at my last race, "Find someone you know you can beat, and beat 'em...... or take 'em out."  Love that girl!
So they were running with me and I had to stop and walk for just a few paces and the girls I had picked to beat passed me.
"Oh NO YOU DON'T!"  
(I really hope I didn't scream as loud as I said it in my head)
Jen laughed and we pushed right on to the finish line.
10 Miles.
in 2 hours and 13 minutes.
My goal was 2:30.
Victory was mine (and I didn't have to take anyone out).
The rest of the day was spend recouping, visiting and going back to the course with a camera.
Pure bliss.
And how did I get rid of the soreness of running 10 miles?
Oh, just took a 3 day trip walking downtown New York City. 
But that is for another post. 
Proof I actually ran
(again photo thanks to my amazing hubby)

This is what we ran beside!  It was breathtaking!




Angela said...

So so so proud of you girl, you ROCKED it :-)

Melonie Massa said...

You made me cry! What a grand experience. Way to.go...and beat your goal besides!!!!

Anonymous said...

to say you rock is a gross understatement-you are amazing my friend!

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