Monday, July 1, 2013

I can do anything for a little while right?

Its amazing how one's body changes after having a baby...
or turning 30.
Of course things change physically, bellys are stretched,hips are wider, hair is a little grayer.
Oh that's just me?  Sorry never mind.
For the past year I have really noticed how varied my emotions have been, how clear of mind I have NOT been, and my over all strength and stamina seems to have taken a nose dive.
Then a few weeks ago I really became aware of how grumpy my tummy kept getting by the evening times.
After a lot of research and some soul searching I came to the conclusion that this must be diet related.

So I decided to Jump on the Whole 30 band wagon.  I figured a diet free of any and all irritants for 30 days would definitely tell me if this was diet related or if I was just getting old. LOL
I had heard of success from some of my friends of varying physical abilities so I figured this was something I could do.
I created a Pinterest page (of course) so I could go directly to approved recipes instead of seeing all of my naughty recipes in my Food page.

I want to set out some goals for this thirty days other than just weight loss so here goes.
First off: I hope to see if eliminating so much out of my diet will calm the belly gripes.  Nobody likes to be around a gassy lady.  :)
Secondly: I hope to have more energy to complete my day.  Too often I feel I'm just barely surviving.  
Thirdly: Clarity of Mind.  Im not sure if this is possible by eliminating foods, but I would love to feel less foggy brained and actually be able to carry on a conversation without forgetting what I was saying.... in the middle of a sentence.

I just finished week one and here are my thoughts.
I lost 5 lbs.  Wahoo!!
I am tired in the evenings- Upon reading the FAQs of Whole 30 it states that feeling sluggish is normal at first because the body is getting rid of all the nasties and relearning to burn fuel and fat not quick carbs.

I am hungry- Not always but there are days when I want to chew off my arm.- Again I checked the FAQs and find I need to add denser vegetables and good fats to my diet. Lots more sweet potatoes.

I am having a MASSIVE Candida Die off- This I'm not too surprised with since sugar has been a part of my life since... oh birth?  Can anyone say Sweet Tea?  Although unsurprising, being itchy in all the wrong places is terribly annoying.

My belly has not been grumpy ALL WEEK!!!! This I am super excited about and paired with the weight loss has been the only thing keeping me going.  

I DO have will power- I made it through the drive thru of a fast food establishment and did NOT order anything for me! Just munched on my trusty trail mix and passed the nuggets back. :)

My Husband is a Big ole whiner!  LOL I love him for taking this challenge with me, he came in on the tail end of week 1.  And boy did he ever gripe about all the things we couldn't have. Despite it all he is being very supportive (yet very verbal) and staying on this with me.... so far.

The belly progress and the weight are definitely my reasons for keeping on for week 2.  I hope this next week brings a bit more energy on top of the other successes.  

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Amanda Towne said...

Go Allison! You can do this! I'm done with day 1 here, and MAN, do I have a headache. It'll go away in a couple of days, but whew.

Can't wait to hear about the benefits you'll see as you go forward!

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