Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hello old friend...

Three weeks ago I did something I had been putting off for a while.
I rejoined the YMCA.
I wasn't really thrilled about the situation, spending money when I had access to free equipment at home and the base gym. 
What I didn't have access to was a sitter I could afford as much as I needed.
Or children who would let me work out... because getting up any earlier was not happening.
After spending an entire day being the only person that Hazel talked to I knew I had to bite the bullet.
If nothing else I needed a few moments from the constant chatterbox my six year old has suddenly turned into since her brother went on vacation.
The first day back though I knew it was the right decision.
Being able to get back to running, lifting listening to my music and not a Kids Bop version of today's tunes was just what the doctor ordered.
It even encouraged Hazel to get out of bed willingly and get herself ready to go.  Let me tell you this NEVER happens. We have had to change dance studios and Co-ops because the struggle to get this kid out of bed and somewhere on time in the morning just turns me into the "Yelling Mom".
But here we are out the door sometimes as early as 8 am with hair combed and teeth brushed and snack in hand.
So back in the gym I decided to finish my 10k trainer I had started back when I was prepping for the Newport 10 miler.
I love it!
And yes I am that annoying person who has to post every workout on Facebook.  I don't apologize for it.  I do it because I need the feed back from friends who will encourage me along.  I do it to prove to myself that I can accomplish this goal.  I do it to show my husband my commitment to making our lives as healthy and happy as I can.  And I do it to inspire others who see that if this girl can do it, maybe they can too.
But let me tell you....
An hour on the treadmill is killer! 
Like I got mad and said "Forget it!" today because I was tired and sore.  But I went back and walked it out and finished my 4.1 miles
I do think I will go back to my 5k trainer though and use it for a speed workout, just so I dont get bored and maybe just maybe the stars will align and I can go outside for long runs once a week and finish up the is 10k program.
Because next?  Next is obstacle training!!  YAY!!

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