Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Whole 30 week 2

This week was a challenging week as there was a holiday in there.  A holiday that normally is characterized by food, food, and more food.  
And not the Whole 30 kind.
We did well though having the cookout at our house with some friends that we had not seen in awhile. 
I was super excited that they enjoyed the food as well.
Then we had a potluck cookout at church.
Which we did not prepare for at all.
Tray after tray of sweets and salads all containing things that we could not eat passed by.
But we held strong and did not partake.
It was a little awkward just eating hamburger patties with mustard ( I checked the label) but we survived.
The results of this week are not as impressive as last.
I lost 1/2 a pound.  BUT I am noticing a definite change in my clothes.  They are getting baggier around the middle.
Whole 30 is not necessarily a weight loss regime, but I would be lying if I said I didn't care if I lost a few more pounds.
My candida die off is still there, but fading which is lovely.  And I definitely am seeing a return in energy somewhat.
I keep waiting for that "tiger-rush" of energy, but I think with 3 kids their schedules and one of them being a baby who still wakes in the night, Having enough energy to enjoy the day may be all I get.
The best part of it all though is the fact that I still have had no belly issues since starting Whole 30!
That is AMAZING in my book.
Im hoping with more water intake this week and maybe a tighter attention to my portion sizes that I will be able to see a more positive number on the scale next week.

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