Monday, January 2, 2012

"Mom, I want a better New Year"

This is what my son said to me New Year's Eve as we went around the table discussing our hopes and dreams for 2012.
Confused I asked what he meant. (all the while Mommy guilt rolling, Why wasn't this year great?)
"Mom, I just want us to not be so busy. We aren't as nice to each other when we are busy. I just want to slow down and be home."


It's amazing how God puts things in your path. I have been restless for a while over our schedules and errands. I have tried to put it all out of my mind justifying that, "It's for the kids, they are having fun, we can rest later."
Seems as though if I refuse to listen to my inner voice, He will make sure I am convicted by other means.
So yes, we want to make this year better. We want to make it slower, nicer, more enjoyable. We want to revel in the fun times we have, without having to rush, rush, rush to our next appointed event.
I definitely want to listen to the wise words of my child.
THAT will surely help me in my path to Peace I spoke of before.
With the promise of a new family member arriving we know that life will HAVE to slow down at some point, but we have made a pact to try and take a more deliberate pace even before the baby comes. Because I want us to be "nicer" to one another too.

What about you. Have you felt the urge to slow your pace? Do you feel as though there are things that need to be weeded out of your schedule so that everyone can actually have the time to enjoy one another?

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